Superman analog



PL 12 (236), PL 13 (236) Defenses

Close Combat (Unarmed) 3 (10)
Deception 6 (
Expertise (Chemistry) 8 (11)
Expertise (Teacher) 4 (
Insight 6 (9)
Intimidation 8 (
Perception 10 (13)
Persuasion 5 (
Ranged Combat (Heat Vision) 6 (12)
Ranged Combat (Thrown Objects) 2 (
Technology 1 (4)
Vehicles 5 (

Benefit 2 (People just listen to him, Sentinels Member), Diehard, Extraordinary Effort, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical (Unarmed), Improved Critical (Heat Vision), Inspire, Interpose, Last Stand, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 6, Takedown, Ultimate Strength Check, Withstand Damage

Flight 9 (1,000 mph) [total 18]
Movement 1 (Space Travel 1) [total 2]
Power-Lifting 2 (1, 600 tons) [total 2]
Impervious Toughness 11 [total 11]
Senses 12 (Microscopic Vision 2, Extended Vision 2, Extended Hearing 2, Vision Penetrates Concealment, Infravision, Ultra-Hearing) [total 12]

“Solar Vision” Blast 12 (24) [total 26]
AE: “Super-Breath” Move Object 10 (Extras: Area- 60ft. Cone) (Flaws: Touch Range) (10)
AE: “Super-Breath Knock-Back” Affliction 10 (Strength or Agility; Hindered & Vulnerable/Prone & Defenseless) (Extras: Extra Condition, Area- 60ft. Cone) (Flaws: Limtied Degree, Instant Recovery) (total 10)
Unarmed 10 (14 Damage, DC 29)
Solar Vision 12 (12 Ranged Damage, DC 27)
Super-Breath 10 Area (10 Affliction, DC 20)
Initiative +2

Dodge +9 (DC 19), Parry +9 (DC 19), Toughness +14, Fortitude +14, Will +11

Relationship (Dr. Ellen Renaldi aka Athena)- They are married with a son.
Power Loss, Weakness (All Powers, EM Pulse or loss of Gravity)- An EM Pulse or alteration of Earth’s natural gravitic field will neutralize Helios’s powers, AND rapidly poison him.
Vulnerable (Gravity Attacks)- Superman loses his Impervious Toughness against this type of attack, and takes more damage as well. Power Loss (EM Pulse)- Superman takes extra damage from Magnetic Attacks and his powers will start to fade in proximity to an altered magnetic field as well.
Power Loss (X-Ray Vision)- X-Ray Vision cannot penetrate Lead.
Relationship (Parents; Wife; Son)- Clark is very close to his family, and protective of his wife and son.
Responsibility (Megalopolis & The Earth)
Responsibility (The Main Hero of Earth)- Helios is an icon, and the things he does are often taken very seriously by the general public, even if he doesn’t like it.
Enemy (Max Moreau; Black Sun)
Reputation (Growing Power Base)- The Sentinels advances are making very many people nervous.
Reputation (Boy Scout)
Responsibility (Feels Like He Lives in a World of Cardboard)- Helios has to constantly watch his power, in case he accidentally takes a life.

Total: Abilities: 94 / Skills: 64—32 / Advantages: 21 / Powers: 71 / Defenses: 17 (236)


HELIOS (deceased)

Role: The Big Hero, The Icon, The Originator The Powerhouse, Team Leader, Flying Brick.
Real Name: Charles Grant Jr.
Occupation: University Science Professor
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Helios is a citizen of the United States of America
Other Aliases:
Place of Birth:
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Athena (wife); Helios Jr. (son)
Group Affiliation: The Sentinels of Liberty
Base Of Operations: Megalopolis, NY
First Appearance: Stupendous Comics #1 (July 1938)
History: Born in the year 4592 AD, Charles Grant Jr. was sent back in time by his parents when the Earth was invaded by aliens and it became clear that they were doomed. Charles and Eliza Grant, using a device stolen by Eliza from the lab she worked at sent young Charles to the distant past to be cared for by ancestors.

Upon arriving in upstate NY, in the late 1970’s, Charles was found on the doorstep of Mildred and Ronald Grant. The baby had a note explaining that he was a distant cousin, but the author was anonymous. The couple took Charles to the authorities, and after much legal wrangling were able to adopt him as their own.

Charles grew up as an average child, without super powers of any sort. Upon reaching the age of 18, his modified genetic code initiated a cellular transformation, and Charles began to change. He emerged from what he thought was a terrible flu with his powers.

At first confused, Charles learned his true nature after a second visitor, sent at exactly the same time as him, but scheduled to arrive 18 years later appeared in his college dorm room one night. The visitor, a small robot designated BZ9 – explained his history to him and what his purpose was. His parents had meant for him to help humanity, to protect and keep them safe, and more importantly, prepare them to face the future extinction event.

Inspired by the masked heroes of the 1930’s and 40’s, Charles decided the best way he could do this was to make himself known as a costumed hero. He donned the name “Helios” and debuted in NYC, where he prevented an ocean liner from being destroyed by terrorists.

After a few years years of patrolling the world and earning the trust of millions, Helios decided to form a team of superpowered heroes with several of the companions he had met over the course of his adventures. They called themselves the Sentinels of Liberty, and with some roster changes, went on to keep the planet safe for another 11 years.

In this time, Helios met, fell in love with and married his teammate Athena. They had a son, Michael, who inherited some of his father’s abilities, and who continued on the Helios legacy as Helios Jr., a member of the Sentries.

Helios perished in the invasion of 2019 at the hands of the extra-dimensional invaders known as the M’Kra. When the M’Kraan energy drills threatened to destroy the Earth’s magnetosphere, Helios intervened, destroying the orbiting energy platform, at the cost of his life.

Height: 6’2"
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: Gold ( blue with contacts)
Hair: White
Strength level: Class 100
Known superhuman powers: Flight; Super Strength; Super Breath; Heat Vision; X-ray Vision; Extended Vision; Microscopic Vision; Super-Hearing; Imperviousness; Super Speed; Super Stamina
Source of Powers: Genetic engineering that depends on the Earth’s gravity and magnetic field.
Abilities: Accomplished biochemist; Teacher of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern-Tech University.
Weapons: None


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